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Becoming a homeowner can be a daunting task when done on your own. At Colpitts, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, upgrading, or just looking to sell your existing home, our Realty team will help you get the keys to your dream home at a price that’s right for you.
To show you how committed we are to the best buying or selling experience possible, here are a few steps to help guide you in the right direction:

  • 1) What will it cost?

    Buying a new home is a significant financial consideration for anyone so taking a realistic look at what you can afford is a crucial step to ensure a positive buying experience. To help with that step, there are some tools that can give you an estimation of what your new home will cost you.

    If you are like most new home owners, you will be financing your new home with a mortgage loan. Use the tool below to get a look at what your mortgage payments will look like.


  • 2) What type of home is right for you?

    Another big factor for potential homeowners is which type of home fits their needs and lifestyle. Colpitts offers several different types of homes to ensure a perfect fit for every client. Here are a few important considerations to help you decide which home is right for you:


    How many bedrooms do you need for your new home? Bathrooms? Do you need a garage or space for a home office?


    Do you want air conditioning for those hot summer months? What about energy-saving features to reduce your environmental impact?


    Are you looking for a quiet neighborhood to raise your children? Or perhaps a condo in the downtown area?

    If you’re still not too sure about what type of home is right for you, don’t worry! Our agents are happy to sit with you and take you through the specifics.

  • 3) “The Buying Process”

    Now that you’ve considered your financial aspects and type of home, it’s time for one of our agents here at Colpitts Realty to do the hard work for you. If you have a current home that you want to sell, have plans for a custom home you’d like to build, or if you’d like to take a look at any listing or even make an offer, a Colpitts Realty agent will make it happen!
    Buying a home is certainly not a “one-and-done” kind of process; you’ll likely make offers on listings, want updates on the construction of your new home, or have second thoughts on a color or material you chose. All this and more will be made easy by your Colpitts Realty agent, guaranteeing a positive experience when buying a Colpitts home.

    Typical Construction Process

    If you’ve decided to build with Colpitts, you may want to know what stages of construction your new house is in at a particular time. Below is a short summary of the various stages of new home construction:

    -Design: Our Drafting Technician creates blueprints for your new home based on the specifications that you have chosen.

    -Foundation: Excavation of the property is carried out and the concrete foundation is built.

    -Framing: The “frame” of the house is completed, consisting of studs, trusses, windows and doors.

    -Pre-Drywall: The ventilation, electrical, plumbing, sliding and trim are installed in preparation for the drywall phase.

    -Drywall: The interior walls of the house are mounted and painted. The kitchen and flooring are also finished during this phase.

    -Finish: Final touches are made and landscaping is underway. The home is nearly ready for you to move in!

  • 4) Move-In!

    Finally, we’ve handed over the keys and you’re ready to move into your new home! But the experience doesn’t end here; the Colpitts Realty team provides you with the best in post-purchase service! Any concerns can be remedied with just one phone call. And if you decide, in the future, that you’d like to move again, we’ll be there.

    We make your home-buying experience as simple and easy as possible, so contact one of our realtors today!

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